What is the Issues Conference?

The Kentucky 4-H Issues Conference began in 1989 to give teen 4-H members the opportunity to learn the process of identifying and addressing local issues. 4-H members select an issue and research the issue before coming to the conference. While at the conference, 4-H’ers are given the opportunity to share their ideas and collaborate with other 4-H’ers from around the state. Adult facilitators work with 4-H’ers leading them in the process of preparing a simulated presentation to a community board. County teams are given the opportunity to submit a mini-grant proposal following the conference addressing an identified local issue.

Who May Attend?

Teen 4-H members may attend the Issues Conference. 4-H’ers who have attended IC may return a second year and attend Issues II, an advanced series of discussions revolving around local issues. Recommended for Sophomores or Juniors.